Data Security

The protection of your data is very important for us. Therefore we have fixed security and data protection regulations linked to our company in order to guarantee the greatest possible data protection. Certain information is needed e.g. for service rendered, however personal data will not be recorded unknown to you or without your acceptance. Our stuff is bound to observe these regulations.

Which data will be recorded?

When asking for information or asking Chemische Fabrik Dr.Stöcker GmbH to establish personal contact you will have to communicate certain personal data such as name, E-Mail, telephone number etc.) via this website. Of course you are free not to give any information. In this case Chemische Fabrik Dr.Stöcker GmbH would not always be able to forward the requested information or service.

How will these data be used?

Individual related data will only be surveyed, processed or used, as long as they are needed for the execution of the offered service. In addition it is possible that the data will be used for the intended purpose of the respective input box, as far as you give your consent.

Who will be provided with these data?

All information given by you through input into our website will be recorded by a server located in Germany. The forwarded individual information will not be given to any persons or companies beyond Chemische Fabrik Dr.Stöcker GmbH.

Information about recorded data

If desired we forward information about individual related data recorded by Chemische Fabrik Dr.Stöcker GmbH. It will be possible for you to correct errors, update information or delet recorded data.

Furthermore it is possible to recall a given consent for survey, processing and utilisation of the individual related data at any time.

Enquiries or comments regarding our data protection regulations can be easily addressed per Email to:


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