The right adjustment of car wash plant and cleaning products optimises the wash results

Dirt dissolved during the pre-wash will be completely encapsulated during the wash and removed. The shampoo solves two tasks at once: on the one hand the car will be cleaned and on the other hand the washing materials will be kept tidy in order to minimise wear. The right amount of water is important so that dirt can be removed and no residues remain on the polish.

Der Dr.Stöcker Tipp
The right adjustment of the car wash plant and cleaning products optimise wash results, reduce wear of the plant and consumption of cleaning chemistry. Please use the Dr.Stöcker adjustment and dosing service and you will save cash.

Advantages with Dr.Stöcker

  • High capability to absob dirt
  • Keeps all washing materials tidy and prolongs life span
  • Tensides are biologically degradable and fullfill the EG-directive 648/2004 regarding detergents
  • Guaranteed adherence of waste water limit values when applied according regulations 

The products in detail*    

  • Gloss Shampoo PRIMETEC
  • Active Shampoo Plus
  • Neutral Shampoo Plus
  • Intensive Shampoo S
  • Basic Shampoo 

*Safety Data Sheet and product information available upon request.   


PRIMETEC: The revolution in the fields of washing chemicals

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