The particularly effective Dr.Stöcker foam cleaner

Best wash results are achieved in car wash and rollovers plants with an automatic foam-precleaning device. The highly effective Dr.Stöcker foam cleaner acquire full capacity even at high tape speed. The particularly fine and stable foam adheres to the vehicle surface longer and thus reacts more intensively and achieves a more thorough cleaning effect.

The Dr.Stöcker Tip
Pay attention to the right products fort he pre-wash – and not only the main cleaning procedure! In case of alternative or textile wash materials we recommend products with the name affix AKTIV, because these products are particularly suited for new wash materials.

Advantages with Dr.Stöcker

  • Strong cleaning power through premium active components
  • Products for all types of wash materials
  • Additives for a pleasant odour
  • Tensides are biologically degradable and meet the EG-directive 648/2004 for detergents
  • Guaranteed adherence to waste water limit values when used according to instructions 

The products in detail*   

  • Scent Foam PRIMETEC 
  • Performance Faom EVENTUM
  • Scent Foam Power Plus (with different fragrances)
  • Self-service Foam XXL EVENTUM
  • Neutral Foam Plus
  • Active Foam Plus
  • Basic Foam  

*Safety Data Sheet and product information available upon request.   


PRIMETEC: The revolution in the fields of washing chemicals

Premium care with the PRIMETEC effect for your wash business!