FOSGALON: Cleaning of commercial vehicles and interior tank cleaning

Dr. Stöcker Series: Fosgalon

Truck wash plants as well as everything related to inside tank cleaning (silos, tanks, container, tank trucks etc.) require sturdy constructions, high wash capacities and reliable cleaning results. Dr. Stöcker offers innovative solutions for the industrial and commercial vehicle sector. The FOSGALON program is designed for special requirements in the field of cleaning of aluminum surfaces as e.g. rims, fuel tanks as well as halls and floors. Products for precleaning in the "industrial and commercial vehicle" sector complete our program. The cleaning of commercial vehicles often has to be fast - but also thorougly. In line with the motto "time is money" it is important for us that a fast and thorough cleaning go together.

Advantages with Dr.Stöcker

  •     Highly efficient products
  •     Powerful cleaning even for strained surfaces
  •     Removal of persistent dirt
  •     High capability to absorb dirt
  •     Economic due to its high abundance

The products in detail*   

  •     FOSGALON TC 10 FO900
  •     FOSGALON TC R FO909
  •     FOSGALON TC S FO902
  •     FOSGALON TC T FO911
  •     FOSGALON TC Z FO906
  •     FOSGALON TI 30 FO908
  •     FOSGALON TI M2000 FP905
  •     FOSGALON TI S 10 FO903
  •     FOSGALON TI 40 FO907
  •     FOSGALON TI 50 FO910

*Safety Data Sheet and product information available upon request. 


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